Tire Pressure & Wheel Size

Tire Pressure:

Recommended PSI is generally listed in the "Specification" section of the Owners manual; for best performance of machine. 

If not found in manual, the maximum PSI can be found, molded into the side wall of each tire. Only fill up to 80% of Max. PSI.

For example: If 24 PSI is Max. pressure, only fill to 20 PSI. If 10 PSI is Max., only fill to 8 PSI.

Important: Check for even tire pressure periodically, for level cut and best performance of the machine.

Size of Tire:

The tire size is also shown on the side wall of each tire. The tires that come stock on your unit are tested to be the best tire size for that unit.

Understand the Industry Standard in tire sizing:

Example:    4.10/3.50-4

4.10" -    Tire Width

3.50" -    Height of the side wall
(from the rim to top of tire)

 4" -         Rim size

Example:    15 X 5 - 6

   15" -    Total height of tire 
(from ground to top of tire)

      5" -    Tire Width 

      6" -    Rim size