Converting CC's to Horsepower

There is no standard conversion of cc's (cubic centimeters) to horsepower.  The engine design--flathead engine, overhead cam, overhead valve, compression ratio, etc--will have much more effect on the power and torque of an engine then the cc's.

Ariens suggests purchasing decisions be based on the desired clearing width and other applicable product features. If more technical information regarding stand-alone engine performance is required, please contact the respective engine manufacturer

The reason that small engine manufacturers have stopped rating engines used on snow throwers and other smaller pieces of power equipment in terms of horsepower is that this rating was inaccurate and could be manipulated.

For example, the maximum horsepower for an engine may be when the engine runs at 3600 rpm, but in a particular application, the engine would actually be set to run for maximum torque at 3000 rpm. The horsepower rating at 3600 rpm could be substantially different then the horsepower rating at 3000 rpm . In this case, whichever horsepower rating used (at 3600 rpm or at 3000 rpm) would be misleading and inaccurate as a comparison to other engines or as an estimation of how the machine would perform in a certain application.


The Ariens Company pays special attention to matching the actual power of an engine to the application so that its customers will always get best in class performance.

For more information from manufacturers of engines used on Ariens equipment, click the link below:

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