Grease, Oils, Paints & Fluids

Liquid Grease (8 oz.) 00007200: Premium grade liquid lithium grease. Use in many Sno-Thro aluminum gear cases. Semi-Fluid N.L.G.I. No. 00 Lithium E.P. Complex Grease.

Loctite 518 (6 ml tube) 00031700 & (50 ml tube) 00064900: Anaerobic gasked maker. May be used for making and dressing gaskets of all shapes and sizes. It fills surface imperfections and cures quickly. Ideal for aluminum and cast iron gear case and flanges.

Loctite 242 Threadlocker (10 ml) 00065100: Used to lock and seal nuts, bolts, screws and fittings. This threadlocker allows the hardware to be removed with hand tools.

SAE 30 Oil (20 oz. bottle) 04642700: Use for all Ariens & Gravely 911 Series LM units and String Trimmers. 4-cycle premium grade lawn mower oil. Warm weather formula for use between 40 degrees F and 100 degrees F.

Gravely SAE 30 Engine Oil 00073600 (1 qt./32 oz.): For use on all Gravely Commercial Units using Air-Cooled 4-cycle engines.

Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid 00057100 (1 qt./32 oz.): Designed to provide enhanced performance over conventional petroleum oils with improved oxidation, heat and sludge resistance.

Gravely 10W30 Engine Oil 00076900 (1 qt./32 oz.): Commercial grade lubricant.

Grease Mix Red (14 oz.) 00036700 & Grease Mix (3 oz.) 00036800: Water repellant, extreme pressure formula NLGI grade 2 grease. Use in wheel bearings, chassis lubrication and all ball and roller bearings.

Touch-Up Paint: Ariens Orange 00009500 & Gravely Red 00026600: To touch up small nicks and scratches in the paint on your product to get the perfect match.

Spray Paint: Ariens Orange 00008500, Gravely Red 00008700 & Black 00008900: Convenient spray paint gives the perfect match. (12 oz. cans)

Gray Spray Paint 02959200 for tire rims.

Mo-Deck Spray 04409120 Non-stick coating for residential mowers, commercial mowers, mulching mowers and more. Makes deck cleaning a breeze by dramatically reducing the adhesion of the clippings to the deck.


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