Transmission Oils/Fluids - Gravely Product

Transmission Fluid types for Gravely Drive Systems:

  • Zero Turn units with "Hydro-Gear" pumps and wheel motors - use a 20W-50 or *15W50 synthetic motor oil.
  • Zero Turn units with "Hydro-Gear" individual transaxles - use 20W50 or *15W50 synthetic motor oil.
  • ATV-Treker - Rear transmission uses SAE 80W-90 w/ GL-5 rating, front differential uses *Mobil 424, and right angle gear box SAE 80W-90 w/ GL-5 rating.
  • 2-Wheel and 4-Wheel tractors - use *SAE 30 motor oil for summer and *10W-30 for winter use.
  • 400 Series tractor - 4-speed Gear drive SAE 90 in the gear box.
  • Model "L" & 7.6 - use a SAE10 in winter and *SAE 30 in summer (*10W-30 can be used as a alternate).
  • Pro-Walk Gear drive walk-behind - use a *Bentonite grease in the gear box.
  • Pro-150 & 200's - Refer to "Pro-Walk Gear" above.
  • Pro-250 - SAE 30 motor oil.
  • Pro-300 - 20W-50 or *15W50 synthetic motor oil.
  • Pro-Walk Hydro drive walk-behind - use a 20W-50 or *15W50 synthetic motor oil.
  • Pro-Master 100, 200 - 20W-50 or *15W50 synthetic motor oil.
  • Pro-Master 300, 350, 360, 400 - uses *SAE 30 motor oil.


*Equivalent Oil Type to Part Numbers:

 Oil Type

Gravely #

 15W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil


Bentonite Grease 

(Peerless #788067C)

Mobil 424 Gear Oil

T821-061(8 oz.) or 00070019(2.5 Gal.)

SAE 30 Motor Oil


10W-30 Motor Oil



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