Battery Replacement Size

When replacing your old battery, it is best to contact your local authorized Ariens/Gravely dealer for assistance.  However, local battery suppliers, battery specialists, or automotive stores may also carry Lawn & Garden battery sizes and may be able to assist you as well.

When replacing your battery it is important to bring your old battery with you to the dealer/store. This is also beneficial as most states have a state or federally regulated core charge that will be waived upon turning in your old battery when buying a new one. 

Bringing the battery helps to also make sure you are getting the correct case dimension and correct CCA size for your engine. CCA or cold cranking amps, is the number of amps that can be supplied from the battery for a length of 30 seconds at 0 Degrees. CCA is a standardize measurement across all battery manufactures and should be clearly labeled on your Batteries information tag, ussually located on the top or side of the battery.  By matching your batteries dimensional size and CCA rating, you can rest assured you have selected the correct battery for your machine.


To find a local Ariens dealer, click this link: Dealer Locator 

To find a local Gravely dealer, click this link: Dealer Locator