Gasoline Recommendations

Gasoline Requirements

  • Clean, fresh gasoline purchased within the current season.
  • Minimum of 87 Octane (87 AKI/91 RON).
  • 10% ethanol or less (Non-Ethanol fuel is ideal). If the pumps are not marked for content of alcohol or ethers, check ethanol and MTBE levels with the fuel supplier.

Note: Do not modify the fuel system to use different fuels

Ariens recommends that you also use a high-quality fuel stabilizer. This will help keep your fuel and carburetor clean. It is a good practice to use this with regular fill ups, not just storage. Mix the gasoline according to the instructions on the stabilizer container. 


Click here to learn more about Ethanol from the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute  


Mixing Oil and Gas

  • 4-cycle engines do not require adding oil to the gas when filling the tank.  On these units there will be a separate area for the oil. 95% of our machines use 4 cycle engines.
  • 2-cycle engines need to have oil mixed with the gasoline.  Most 2-cycle engine requires a 50:1 fuel to oil mix. Please consult your engine manual for specific information. 


Check the Engine Manufacturer's Owner's Manual for your specific machine. Below are links to the websites of the engine manufacturers used on Ariens equipment:

Ariens OHV / LCT

Briggs and Stratton